Rose’s Shortbread

Role: Project Lead + Graphic Designer


Client: Rose’s Shortbread is a company created by a talented couple: Rose and Wayne Fraser. The duo uses Rose’s Scottish grandmother’s recipe to make delicious small batch artisanal shortbread.


Situation: Rose’s Shortbread started as a hobby. When the Frasers got in touch, they were ready to make it a full-fledged business. I supported them by building their brand from the ground up — on a tight budget and timeline.


Solution: I worked collaboratively with Rose and Wayne to understand their story and goals – it was important to them their product bring to mind the warm, welcoming feeling of a grandmother’s kitchen. I created a brand and designed all related packaging and materials (for example business cards, stationery, advertisements, booth displays, etc.) to help Rose’s Shortbread stand out in the market. I also created packaging designs that are not in use yet, but will support any future expansion. Since launching their new brand, Rose’s business has grown. Her products are available for purchase online and at over 24 vendors across BC.


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