Puccini’s Deli & Specialty Foods

Role: Project Lead + Graphic Designer


Client: Puccini’s Deli was born from an appreciation for fine food, passed down from generation to generation. Puccini’s developed a thriving business by staying true to Mediterranean traditions and focusing on cherished family recipes.


Situation: The client wanted to expand their business offerings to adapt to the changing times. Their plan was to offer in-house branded sauces, an expanded hot menu and events. The events involved bringing the best of Italy to peoples’ backyards by doing cookouts of their specialities, like wood fired pizzas.


Solution: Puccini’s already had an established brand and community behind them, but their marketing materials were disjointed and lacked a cohesive visual style. To make their brand shine, I created new marketing materials that stayed true to their values while creating a strong visual unity.


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