Options for Sexual Health

Role: Project Lead + Graphic Designer


Client: Options for Sexual Health is a non-profit based in BC that provides sexual health services through clinics, education programs and Sex Sense (view project here), their free confidential sexual health resource and referral service.


Situation: Options for Sexual Health was looking for a face-lift, as they felt their current branding didn’t reflect what they stood for. Since they were very happy with the work I did branding their Sex Sense service, they asked me to rebrand the organization itself.


Solution: The process for this project started with getting feedback from a number of members of the Options for Sexual Health community. The client felt strongly about having their community feel involved and heard during the branding process. So my first step was to set up a questionnaire for employees, allied professionals and clients that visited the clinics. This questionnaire helped me obtain a clearer picture of how these groups perceive Options. The keywords that came up across all test groups were: approachable, informative, knowledgeable and supportive. This process showed me that at its core, Options is built on communication: the communication it provides through its various services and also the dialogue between its employees and health care professionals. I illustrated this concept by using a speech bubble to form the “O” in their logo. This “speech bubble” icon will be used as a key visual indicator for the brand. The new logo was successfully implemented and now the Options brand is much more approachable and represents their core values.


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