Hot Soup Marketing Group

Role: Project Lead + Graphic Designer

Hot Soup Marketing Group is a full-service marketing agency, made up of four separate divisions:


Hot Soup Creative: Specializes in branding, strategic marketing and graphic design.
Hot Soup Media: Focuses on all things digital, from website design to creating and deploying digital ad campaigns to social media management.
Hot Soup Lab: Offers tailored marketing options for small businesses with small budgets.
Envol: Specializes in employer branding and recruitment. Provides clients with the know-how to attract and retain talent.

Hot Soup Marketing Group decided to establish four specialized divisions to deliver different services. The challenge was to make sure the logo for each division clearly represented the work they do, while also working well as a family.


Solution: I designed a collection of logos with a unified colour palette and font to create a cohesive look and feel. Each logo was differentiated with a unique icon that reflected the work of that division. This branding has helped Hot Soup position themselves well in the marketplace to expand their client range and grow their business.


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