Role: Project Lead + Graphic Designer


Client: Cecilia Sauces is a sub brand of Puccini’s Deli (view project here) that stemmed from the client’s desire to create a new brand and product line to feature in store, with wider distribution to follow.


Situation: The client wanted to create a brand for a new line of pasta sauces tailored to a younger demographic. They wanted this brand to stand out from what you would normally see for authentic Italian sauces.


Solution: I developed a brand that’s fun and approachable. These qualities are reflected in the logo with its soft edges and “noodle like” feel. I carried this approach across the brand, creating a fun colour palette to reinforce a feeling of playfulness. I also used strong angles to counteract the softer elements and add a balance to the overall visual style. The end product is currently in production and will hit shelves in the winter of 2020.


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